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German language and culture trainings

Training with Elisabeth Schlager goes further than just learning the German language. Elisabeth enables you to experience the personal contact Germans respond to and how they differ from the Dutch in this. This means you learn to act competently in a German language environment, an important condition for business success.

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Courses on offer

Elisabeth Schlager offers individual and group courses at any initial level.

Intensive course
Evening course
Group course
(3-4 persons)
days 4 to 6 days 5 to 10 evenings 5 to 10 evenings
period spread over 1 to 6 weeks spread over 2 to 10 weeks spread over 2 to 10 weeks
lesson hours 5 hours per day 2 hours per evening 3 hours per evening
private study 3 hours per week 3 hours per week 3 hours per week
initial level beginner to advanced beginner to advanced beginner to advanced
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Intake consultation

During the intake consultation on the telephone, Elisabeth asks you about your objectives, requirements and availability. What do you want to learn, and within which period of time? How much time can you spend on the course per week? Elisabeth puts together a personal, tailored lesson programme for you. Your course objective is clearly formulated and you get an overview of the structure and planning of the lessons and private study hours.

Initial level

Some previous knowledge is recommended for good results. If you’re starting from scratch, then Elisabeth advises beginning with her colleagues at the Goethe Institute. One year of schooling or a course level A1 in the German language at the Goethe Institute is already enough to be able to follow one of Elisabeth’s courses. Elisabeth will estimate your entry level during the intake consultation.

Course programme for beginners

In the programme for beginners the emphasis is on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You learn to express yourself in German with ease by working on:

  • increasing your vocabulary and learning idiomatic expressions
  • refreshing and extending grammatical knowledge
  • amassing communicative skills focussed on your business or personal objectives

Course programme for the (very) advanced

The programme for the (very) advanced is completely tailored to your starting level, learning desires and business practice. You work on your specialist vocabulary and learn to communicate even better and more effectively with your business associate. With the aid of simulation techniques you’ll practice German in specific situations such as:

  • conferences
  • telephoning
  • corresponding
  • presenting
  • selling
  • negotiating

Length and intensity

You can choose a brief, intensive training to learn German in a very short time (option A). You’ll develop sufficient confidence and knowledge to take action and negotiate effectively in a German language environment within one week. This individual course can also be followed at a one day a week frequency.

If you choose a spread programme (individual or group evening course, option B and C), then the lessons are spread over a period of 2 to 10 weeks. A longer period means more space to process the new information, to study in the meantime and to drill what is learned in practical situations.

You determine the ideal length and intensity of the training together with Elisabeth. This can be adjusted at interim evaluations.

Unique content

The training is geared to strengthening interpersonal skills, intercultural skills and language skills. This makes this course unique: You not only learn the language, you also practice your own way of communicating and expressing yourself, also in the etiquette conventions within (business) German culture.

Rehearsing practical situations

In varied, exciting lessons you’ll learn to converse and discuss topical subjects and run through practical situation in your work. This way you learn:

  • to express your opinion in a fitting and relaxed manner
  • to give and receive adequate feedback and pose critical questions
  • to deal calmly with misunderstandings and situations where you don’t (sufficiently) understand your German business partner
  • situations, such as a conference or (working) lunch

You yourself can bring up subjects relevant to your work during the course, so that you can practice them. For example if there is an important exhibition in the offing, or if you have to give a sales talk the next day.

Knowledge of the language

In addition to practical fluency you’ll also work on your grammar. For this, Elisabeth uses suitable exercise books for you and tailored practice material, based on topical articles from the media. This way you’ll also increase your vocabulary without effort and learn about sentence structure, grammar, expressions, and sayings.

Private study

What has been learned is summarised at the end of every lesson day, and you make a homework plan with Elisabeth. You can count on approximately 3 hours per week of private study for all the courses. You’ll be given material for this, including your own recordings and other listening material.

Teaching material

You’ll work with a broad assortment of professional interactive lesson material during the course, such as a telephone simulator, role-play, audio-material and material you bring in yourself.

In addition Elisabeth adapts current newspaper articles and texts from your business practice into exercises for grammar and vocabulary. So the learning material is always very topical and focussed on your situation.

Flexible planning

Elisabeth thinks it’s important you can combine the course with your business and private life. That means the lesson and private study hours will be planned flexibly, based on your requirements and options. You won’t have to take a long period free or isolate yourself from the world to learn German.

Moreover you’ll reach your objectives in a short time due to Elisabeth’s effective working methods. Elisabeth advises you on which division of private study hours and lessons will be the most effective for you. That way, the training won’t take longer than necessary.


Are you interested in training with Elisabeth Schlager? Contact her to discuss the options and costs, free of obligation. It may be possible to determine your personal objective level and the planning desired right away.

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