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More then 700 students have preceded you throughout the past 25 years, and have greatly improved their business language and communication skills through a German training with Elisabeth Schlager. A few of these clients relate their experiences on this page.

Michael Kühne, Expat Senior Director - Philips Hamburg

Logo Philips, klant bij Training Duits"Our 6-day German course from "Our 6-day German course from Elisabeth Schlager was a bull’s eye! As preparation for my expat assignment to Germany, Elisabeth had fashioned a tailored programme for my wife and myself, so that from the first moment we set foot on German soil, we could cope in every situation both private and business. The particular strength of Elisabeth’s method is the good balance between the grammar necessary, and rehearsing situations geared to practice. A real must for everybody wishing to learn to master the German language for private or business reasons."

Edwin Heuvelink, Commercieel Directeur - Neco BV

Logo Neco, klant bij Training Duits "I began the course at a very low level, with no schooling in the German language at all. Now I feel confident enough to go out and conquer the German market. And that after 5 days! I can now expand in the German market with new clients and agents because my fluency, and most of all the courage to speak more freely, have become so great. I can understand the background to cultural differences better. Because of that, I feel confident about approaching German clients. Elisabeth rehearses practical situations in particular and totally adapts herself to your basic knowledge. You get a personal training focussed on what you asked for. And you absorb the learning materials quite naturally in a relaxed atmosphere."

Boukje Cnossen, Assistant Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship at Leuphana University of Lüneburg January 28, 2020

LAssistant Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship at Leuphana University of Lüneburg"Elisabeth's training was very effective as well as a lot of fun. I was able to significantly improve my German in a short timespan because of Elisabeth's ability to quickly identify the challenges I had and create room for improvement in a playful and smart way. I received many resources that will help me to continue improving my German, but most importantly, I now feel more secure and autonomous in using the German language."

Martijn Bokelaar, Sales Ingenieur - PPG-Marine and Protective Coatings

Logo PPG-Marine and Protective Coatings, klant bij Training Duits "In my function as sales engineer for the Austrian market politeness and clarity is a paramount requirement. The training I took with Elisabeth gave me a very good grip on developing these critical points well. I was able to put the many examples and exercises to good use in business practice due to the personally focused lessons. I was able to clearly present myself and build up business relationships in the markets of Austria and East European countries."

Wendelina Timmerman, trainer/coach - Hooridee, Advies bij gehoorverlies

Logo Hooridee, klant bij Training Duits "Elisabeth Schlager comes highly recommended for business German training: she creates the right atmosphere in an original and relaxed manner. She moreover also offers excellent material for being able to work in German language areas with complete confidence. During my work in Switzerland I got an awful lot of compliments from colleagues on site about my use of the German language!"

Robert Bisschop - Verdel Bloemenexport

Logo Verdel Bloemenexport, klant bij Training Duits "The private training is very goal oriented and you can arrange it yourself completely if you wish. This way you can precisely train those subjects you need. Ms Schlager plays along with this fantastically well and simply adapts her material to it. A training of 5 hours over 5 days (including lunch) is very intensive and demands a lot of concentration, but the final result is of course excellent!"

Marcus Roos - Vitae Personeelsbemiddeling

Logo Vitae Personeelsbemiddeling, klant bij Training Duits "The nice thing is that you yourself determine what’s important and what you want to learn. In addition to the basic techniques, such as grammar, you assemble your own training in consultation with Elisabeth. Being able to hold good conversations is very important to us when attracting customers and for job interviews. So the emphasis was therefore put on role plays and telephone conversations. It is Elisabeth’s personal approach in particular that makes you feel at ease and effortlessly learn the language. Everything is recorded on audio or video so that you can always reflect on yourself critically. A good way of being able to look at yourself with a laugh and then improve on yourself a little bit once more."

Marcel Bogaard - Metzler Bank

Logo Metzler Bank "As a staff member of a securities firm with mainly German contacts, it was very important for me to improve and develop my communication skills. Elisabeth taught me this by carrying out different role plays, recording them and then listening to them. That way I heard precisely what I was doing wrong and could pay it more attention – in addition to going through topical economic articles from various German newspapers with me to expand my vocabulary. After the training I initiated conversations with my clients with a larger vocabulary and much more confidence. In short: a very goal oriented, efficient and above all enjoyable training."

René Frieswijk - FIOD

Logo FIOD, klant bij Training Duits "Not only was the location inspiring, Elisabeth’s personal touch meant we were delighted to travel from the “far east” to Amsterdam. Nothing but praise for the content too. In spite of the unconventional material in the field of fiscal law, Elisabeth knew how to deploy topical articles in our daily practice, thereby paying a lot of attention to technical jargon. In addition, culture differences were discussed to a great extent. The teaching material (we were allowed to keep the books) has also turned out to be very useful and we still refer to them often. The total of six course days have certainly yielded fruit." "Wer aufgehört hat besser zu werden, hat aufgehört gut zu sein."

Elisabeth Schlager trains among others:

  • board and management
  • expats
  • pilots, pursers and cabin personnel
  • commercial and account managers
  • marketing and export managers and staff
  • secretarial and front office staff
  • entrepreneurs and private individuals with (business) connections in German language countries

Elisabeth’s clients come from the sectors:

  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Trade
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Business services
  • Banks & insurances
  • Transport & transportation
  • Art & culture
  • Tourism