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Online German language course - Working from Home

You can learn German online and face-to-face from specialist and experienced teacher and native speaker Elisabeth Schlager. Whether you are at home, traveling, or at work, you can take individual German classes.

In just 5 classes of 45 minutes for 180 euros you learn:

  • to express your opinion and discuss work related topics in German
  • German codes of conduct for solving challenging situations - like negotiations
  • to cooperate and communicate better - like in job interviews

Online trainings are tailor made to your needs. On the basis of your objectives, you receive a personalized lesson plan. This includes personalized material such as news articles which you receive up front. The program is adapted to you availability, you practice also through role-play.

An online course allows you to learn German from an experienced teacher independent of where you are located. You save travelling time and costs. Online classes are very suitable for those living abroad or those who prefer flexibility in terms of the location and timing of their class. Moreover, online classes allow you to learn German despite Covid-19 measures. A useful way to spend your time during lockdown!

Things I liked with the online training:
1) direct and to the point communication, conversation and teaching.
2) learning curve improvement of same quality as face-to-face class.
3) huge convenience with hosting the lesson wherever the teacher or the student are physically located without need for being together at the same place, same time.

Nikos Kivranoglou, Netflix
Elisabeth Schlager
With an interactive online training from Elisabeth Schlager you quickly improve your German language.

"Last year, I followed a German course with Elisabeth, and I benefited greatly at my work. Then I faced an acute situation for which I needed extra help. After 3 half-hour online sessions, I could negotiate again. This form of tailor-made refresher course is a pleasant and adequate way of learning and a new experience that I often use now "