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Telephone refresher course

You want to quickly brush up your German, or improve or perfect it, but you have no time to follow a complete course? There’s Elisabeth Schlager’s telephone help desk German language for this situation. Don’t be shy, give her a direct call! After a short conversation with Elisabeth free of obligation, you can make up your mind whether this service appeals to you.

How does the telephone refresher course work?

Via a few short telephone or Skype (video) sessions Elisabeth helps you brush up your German and gives you advice on the best approach to the conversation with your business connection:

  • she brushes up your language skills quickly
  • she brushes up your sensitiveness to German etiquettes
  • she practices what you have just learned in role plays

Afterwards you’ll feel confident about getting on with your German business connection.

Things I liked with Skype call:
1) direct and to the point communication, conversation and teaching.
2) learning curve improvement of same quality as face-to-face class.
3) huge convenience with hosting the lesson wherever the teacher or the student are physically located without need for being together at the same place, same time.

Nikos Kivranoglou, Netflix
Elisabeth Schlager
With an interactive Skype training from Elisabeth Schlager you quickly improve your German language.

"Last year, I followed a German course with Elisabeth, and I benefited greatly at my work. Then I faced an acute situation for which I needed extra help. After 3 half-hour Skype sessions, I could negotiate again. This form of tailor-made refresher course is a pleasant and adequate way of learning and a new experience that I often use now "